Writing and research as observer and artist.

I write about experimental music and sound installation, traditional music, and innovative ways of observing social change.


Book Chapters
"Sound Travels: A Global Adventure in Field Recording," One Off, 2017. 

"The concept of traditional music in Central Asia: From the revolution to independence," Social and Cultural Change in Central Asia: The Soviet Legacy, Routledge, 2014.
"Jim Woodall’s Olympic State,” The Art of Dissent, Margate Press, 2012.

Feature Articles
Planting an Agricultural Urbanism, F Newsmagazine, 2014
Uncertain CollisionsF Newsmagazine, The Artist Residency at the world's largest particle accelerator, 2014
Mana Contemporary, F Newsmagazine, A new arts center for Chicago, 2013
Another Man's Treasure: Experimental Garage Sale, F Newsmagazine, 2013
Why Great Thinkers Learned to WalkF Newsmagazine, 2012
Whispering Galleries: A New York Sound Art Festival, F Newsmagazine, 2012
Someone to Watch Over Me, The Hackney Citizen, 2012
Timbuktu, A Global GatheringThe National, 2011
The Perfect Veneer of Uzbekistan's IndependenceProspect Magazine, 2009

The Sound of One Man Thinking, A Conversation with Alvin Lucier, 2014
Diversity Mascots - An Interview with William Pope.L, 2014
Prince Rama's Cosmic Tinderbox - An Interview with Prince Rama, 2014
Overhauling the Overburden - An Interview with artist Laurie Palmer, 2014
Moscow's Underground - A conversation with writer Hamid Ismailov, 2014

Conference Presentations
STILL HERE: An Interactive Installation for an Empty Room, TransX Symposium, NAISA, Canada, 2013
STILL HERE: Sounds of Santorini, Irish SoundScience and Technology Association, Dublin, Ireland, 2013
STILL HERE: Radio receiver birdcages, Aural Lighthouses, Santozeum, Greece, 2015


Review: Mark Fell at Lampo
Reading Lampo - A review of Eli Keszler at Lampo, 2014
No Object. No Image. No Focus. - A review of James Turrell at LACMA, 2014
Expanding Constricted Space - A Review of Andrea Zittel's VAP lecture
Secrets and Telescopes - A Review of Trevor Paglen's VAP lecture, 2014

Reviewer for Leonardo Music Journal, 2015 - Present