Writing and research as observer and artist.

I write about my interests and fascinations: short stories, reportage, interviews, profiles and investigative writing. Especially about musicsound in art, and people and landscapes that make sound. Working with other artists, writers and designers in curating publications is also an active part of my practice.

F Newsmagazine

The Sound of One Man Thinking - A Conversation with Alvin Lucier

Diversity Mascots - An Interview with William Pope.L

Prince Rama's Cosmic Tinderbox - An Interview with Prince Rama

Overhauling the Overburden - An Interview with artist Laurie Palmer

Secrets and Telescopes - A Review of Trevor Paglen's VAP lecture

Mana Contemporary - A new arts center for Chicago

Warming Up The Cold Inside - A Winter's Playlist

No Object. No Image. No Focus. - A review of James Turrell at LACMA

Moscow's Underground - A conversation with writer Hamid Ismailov

Reading Lampo - A review of Eli Keszler at Lampo

Uncertain Collisions - The Artist Residency at the world's largest particle accelerator

Planting an Agricultural Urbanism - Chicago artists grow international city food networks

Review: Mark Fell at Lampo

Driftwood - some fiction

Expanding Constricted Space - A Review of Andrea Zittel's VAP lecture

Taqueria El Ranchito

Why Great Thinkers Learned to Walk

Another Man's Treasure - Experimental Garage Sale

Exiled from Timbuktu

Whispering Galleries - A New York Sound Art Festival