Dimensions 9 x 6 x 17

For Enoikiazetai 17, April 2016

An improvised Performance for Project space Enoikoitezai 17, 6 Aristidiou

This improvisation will activate the entire building of the stoa, with a focus of concentrated energy on the project space shop.

The Stoa at 6 Aristidiou has 9 stories and the project space is at #17

9 improvisers, stationed through out the building at 9 positions.

3 changes of doubling or halving rhythm

17 ending pulse trills

Starting Positions

1.    Top of stairs

2.    Balcony

3.    Corner opposite the shop

4.    Under shop in garage

5.    In stone wall artifact in garage

6.    Elevator

7.    By the front entrance

8.    At base of walkway in garage

9.    Within the shop

Everyone will begin pulsing on one note from the harmonic series,  pictured above. Luka will send a tempo via a drum machine to the walkie-talkies. Go ½ time, ¼ time, 1/8 time with this rhythm.

The musician at the top of the stairs will slowly descend.

Over the course of the improvisation, each musician will move 9 times, towards the shop.  This movement is led by the musician descending the 9 stories of the building. 

After the descending musician reaches each floor, they will send a walkie-talkie message, which will reach the musician in the elevator, the musician on the balcony, and one musician in the basement (who will all also have walkie-talkies on the same frequency). This lets the others know to move to the next position and to change their note to the next in the harmonic series that they choose. Those without walkie-talkies just need to listen the shift in tones in the building.

Each musician chooses for themselves what their next “station” will be, just knowing the final 9th movement will bring them into the shop.

At the 3rd, 6th, and 9th (in the shop), movement musicians will either halve or double their tempo.

When everyone reaches the shop, a bike light will go off, and Alyssa will tap the window (which makes a big sound!) 3 times.

We will all play 17 trilling pulses (at whatever tempo you choose, syncopation welcome and whatever note in the series you choose, harmonic timbre welcome). Each musician stops after their 17th pulse.