Liminaria 2018 Exhibition - Manifesta 12, Palermo, Italy
to Nov 15

Liminaria 2018 Exhibition - Manifesta 12, Palermo, Italy

This collective exhibition is a journey through more than 15 years of Interferenze, a research project carried out across several rural areas of southern Italy, from Irpinia to Sannio, from Cilento to Fortore. It features a selection of context-specific works realized by international artists during a series of art residencies in the region of Campania, thus resulting in an “invisible” sound map made of voices, places, landscapes.

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RADIANCE, Live at KET, Athens, Greece
9:00 PM21:00

RADIANCE, Live at KET, Athens, Greece

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An evening of experimental films from international artists exploring the power of image as metaphor through the poetics of daily life. Screenings of black and white super8 footage and analog photographs are accompanied by sets of live electro-acoustic music and surround sound compositions.

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RADIANCE, Live 5.1 Performance at Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki, Greece
8:00 PM20:00

RADIANCE, Live 5.1 Performance at Vitruvian Thing, Thessaloniki, Greece

“Radiance is a trip through enigmatic analog pictures within an immersive soundscape.”

Vitruvian Thing presents the performance Radiance by Athens-based artists Alyssa Moxley and Stéphane Charpentier.

This event is a projection of Stéphane Charpentier's photographic film with a live surround sound performance by Alyssa Moxley. With the support of the French Institute - Institut Français de Thessalonique.

Duration: 45 min. Performances at 8pm and 10pm.

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"Living Memory" featured in 4d Restrospective @ MONOM<BR>Berlin, Germany
to Dec 11

"Living Memory" featured in 4d Restrospective @ MONOM
Berlin, Germany

Celebrating the opening of MONOM, Berlin’s centre for spatial sound, is a five years retrospective of emerging spatial sound practices in 4DSOUND


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Echogeographies<BR>Athens, Greece
to Sep 25

Athens, Greece

Five participants, Alexandros Drymonitis, Alyssa Moxley, Antidröm, Delia Gonzalez and Kostadis, have each been commissioned to prepare a new sound work utilising only recordings and sonic inspirations encountered within a 0.5km radius around Atopos cvc in the Metaxourgeio area, each of which will be exhibited in individual rooms around the restored Neoclassical townhouse in which Atopos cvc is located. A performance of live experimental manipulations of the recordings and auditory experiences of the area will take place on 23 September.

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to Apr 24

Transmission Festival
Athens, Greece

Transmission is an art festival in the context of an exhibition that presents contemporary positions in different media and brings together artists from Athens and Karlsruhe. It’s impact is glocal – it gives the local visitors new aspects and perspectives in the media and performance arts, promotes cultural diversity in Karlsruhe and Athens and European cooperation.

During the exhibition, the site of a former organ factory is transformed into a living art spectacle. A multimedia environment consisting of videos, photographs and installations will be completed by a curated program including a video art festival, performances, readings, concerts and workshops.

The cooperation between the Transmission Artist Society and Contemporary Art Showcase Athens (C.A.S.A.) offers the visitor an insight into new impulses in the international art world. 

The main subject of the exhibit is the act of conveyance or a transfer, not only in terms of power, electricity or information, but also as the act of communicating ideas, passing on emotion, a thought or a concept through artistic message. The theme of transmission can be found both in the selection of the media, as well as in the content of the exhibited work.

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5:00 AM05:00

Karlsruhe, Germany

As part of ZKM’s expansive GLOBALE programme, a 300-day festival exploring art in the globalised and digital age, 4DSOUND will present a new series of Artist Residencies and creative exchanges. Entitled Points On The Curve, the programme investigates landmark historical spatial compositions, whilst exploring new possibilities for musical forms and sound exploration using emerging spatial sound tools and technologies.

On the 5th March, The evening concert will feature work by influential Chilean-born musician, composer and music software developerCristian Vogel. Vogel, a figure reputed by producers of experimental electronic music and club culture enthusiasts alike for his prolific and consistently innovative output will perform new material in development exclusively for 4DSOUND at ZKM.

He will be joined by artist  Alyssa Moxley. The Athens-based artist’s experimental microphone techniques have enabled her to capture a collection of engrossing field recordings over the last decade, which she will use to explore questions of individual and shared space, notions of receptivity and reciprocity in the corporeal, sound as spatial and emotional memory, and how sound can be transmitted through subjective, proprioceptive responses to the individual’s perception of place.

There will also be a presentation of Iannis Xenakis’ atmospheric landmark composition Orient-Occident, presented in 4DSOUND by system Founder Paul Oomen.


Ticket and site information (ticket presale commences Friday 12th February)

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Temps Zero<BR>Braga Portugal
to Sep 28

Temps Zero
Braga Portugal

Improvised soundscapes with guitarist Cyril Meysson to photo and video projections by Michael Ackerman (US) + Jacob Aue Sobol (DK) + Frederico Azevedo (POR) + Gaël Bonnefon (FR) + Lorenzo Castore (ITA) + Stéphane Charpentier (FR) + Adam Grossman Cohen (US) + Damien Daufresne (FR) + Gabrielle Duplantier (FR) + Ilias Georgiadis (GRE) + Dolores Marat (FR) + Lorena Morin (ESP) + Alisa Resnik (RU/DE) + Gilles Roudière (FR) + Yusuf Sevincli (TUR) + Ester Von Plon (CH)

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Aural Lighthouses<BR>Santorini, Greece
3:00 AM03:00

Aural Lighthouses
Santorini, Greece

Ramona Stout and I will present Still Here (II) throughout the week.

Still Here (II) for Santozeum is the second iteration of an installation that transmits soundscapes from the island of Santorini using radio receivers built into locally salvaged birdcages. On this occasion our focus is on sonifying a bird's experience of the island’s magnetic field. Caught and held in tiny cages the bird’s song soundtracks moments of peace for their owners, as they sit surrounded by their cages on roof terraces in the relative quiet of late afternoon. Meanwhile the birds' reading of this pastoral idyll is possibly far more dramatic than listeners might expect. A field in constant flux, especially so due to the island's location amidst a volcanic range, is transmitting continually shifting queues that these birds are more prone to sense, even if they are unable to move. Still Here (II) is a spatialized installation that uses FM transmitters to aurally represent the deviation of the magnetic poles and the local magnetic field through the local, captive, avian perspective.


On Friday I will perform a  new composition "Voice of the Sea."

The surface of the sea is in constant conversation with the atmosphere above, producing an infrasonic fluctuation, measurable in microbaroms, an unheard sound known as "The Voice of the Sea". This performance draws on this conversation, using transducers to diffuse sound through distributed surfaces on the terrace with tonal progressions relating to the frequency of the waves and orbit of the moon.

Curated by Ileana Drinovan-Nomikos, the event hosts artists and scholars from around the world including Greece, United States, India,United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Sound artists and atmospheric scientists are brought together to evoke the emotional, affective and visceral responses of sound and frequency, and their effect beyond what scientifically manifests in graphs and images.

The symposium explores human aural performance and how we make and create disaster sounds to seem natural and to fade into a perceived inaudibility. The works further explore the oscillation between apprehensive, stressed, distressed and relaxed listening, and so the difference between dread and the beauty of disaster listening.

Aural Lighthouses, a festival of performance, installation and scholarship, was conceived in response to and takes part in the Performance Studies international yearlong #21 Fluid States Performances of unKnowing provocation. 

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Inside Voice<BR>Chicago, USA
1:00 AM01:00

Inside Voice
Chicago, USA

Inside Voice at Threewalls, Chicago, focuses on the human voice as both content and form. The works in Inside Voice use this human "instrument" as a conduit of connectivity between polarized zones: the intangible and concrete, the personal and political, the intimately fluid and the robotically programmed. Participating artists include Alessandro Bosetti, Cauleen Smith, Colin Self, Jaap Blonk, Holly Herndon, Olivia Block, Alyssa Moxley and more.

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Line of Sight<BR>Chicago, USA
2:00 AM02:00

Line of Sight
Chicago, USA

Dark Fiber Video series screening
Chicago Artists Coalition | BOLT exhibition space
Thursday, March 19, 2015
7:00-8:30 PM

Kayla Anderson
Kathryn Trumbull Fimreite
Lindsey French
Donny Gettinger
Stephanie Graham
Jeremiah Jones
Cristen Leifheit
Alyssa Moxley
Phil Peters
Andrew Rosinski

On March 19th, Dark Fiber - a single-channel video installation by Marissa Lee Benedict & David Rueter - will go dark, and a video and film series, curated via an open call to artists and filmmakers, will take over the screen.

Although open in its curatorial premise, the videos selected for the Line of Sight festival critically address (1) the method of the video or film’s transmission from author to gallery and (2) the media format and/or playback device by which the video is projected in the gallery.

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Still Here @ Media Futures<BR>Chicago, USA
to Feb 18

Still Here @ Media Futures
Chicago, USA

Still Here will be shown in a group exhibition, Media Futures, at the Sullivan Galleries.

This exhibition explores the many ways in which media intersects with fine art and other contexts of creative output, and changes the way museums and other cultural institutions think about presentation. Media art emphasizes continual reinvention, innovation, and complex global collaborations across various media platforms. Constant reconfiguration of relationships between artist, technician, designer, presenter, funder, and audience have become the norm for much media-based work. Curated and created by students of the team-taught graduate seminar of the same name, led by SAIC faculty Adelheid Mers and Shawn Decker, the show will follow the interests of young media-art practitioners, curators, and theorists into the future threads of media art and design practice.

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