Documentation of Selected Performances

Forest of Sound, Big Bang Festival 2019, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece (w/Anastasia Douka)

Ora, Liminaria Residency 2018, Guardia Sanframondi

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Ora is a live performance created at the Liminaria residency in Guardia Sanframondi, Italy, July 2018

The ticking pendulum of the restored but non-functional tower clock in Ave Gratia Plana, a unique device designed and constructed by local engineer Alfonso Sellaroli in 1870 drives the rhythm of the work.

Sellaroli moved his engineering studio to a nearby village, Cerrita Sanita, where he was responsible for constructing the first street lights. Ceritta Sanita, unlike Guardia, was rich enough at the time to afford electricity due to its flourishing ceramics industry.

The pendulum’s oscillating periodicity is complemented by the irregular frequencies of the organ located in the same church, the studio works of a ceramicist in Cerrita Sanita, scheduled live church bells, the Ponteladolfo river, children playing tag, folk songs, and the flora and fauna of the village.

Sound Entangled Spaces, 2017
composition/installation for
"Reassembly" at Tinos Quarry Platform

Living MemorY, 2016
A Performance for the 4d Sound System

The olive tank sessions, 2014
Koumaria residency, Athens & Selassia

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