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And the Sun Keeps Coming Up

  • Ela Projects Petralona Athens Greece (map)

And the sun keeps coming up

A live streamed collective performance with the Soundtent Reveil program

And the sun keeps coming up  will take place at Ελα Projects, Petralona, Athens on May 4th at 8:00pm 

We watch the sunset as we listen to the sunrise on the other side of the world.

The group of performers, Alyssa Moxley (electronics) Christos Bourantas (electronics), Thodoris Pistiolas (cello), and Giorgos Gargalas (flute) will improvise live with a web streamed live broadcast of the sounds of dawn from the other side of the world (at this time various locations in east Asia). We will broadcast live for 60 minutes as part of the 24 hour Reveil program, which accesses open microphones from around the world to create a 24 hour live broadcast of the sounds of dawn. The program, which happens once a year, follows the sunrise around the world with sound. Our performance will be simultaneously streamed into the Soundcamp pavilion in Stave Hill, UK, where listeners gather to spend the night listening to worldwide dawns.

LIVE from the Rooftop of Ελα Projects in Petralona Athens

We will watch the sunset while listening to the sunrise.

Our performance will invite the audience to share their first thoughts when they wake and last thoughts before they go to sleep. This will be read out by the performers and fed into a long delay. These delayed whispers will then be combined into a overlapping loop, contributing to the soundscape of live dawn. Cello, flute, and electronic instrumentalists will join the performance, echoing the thoughts and the sounds of the dawn. 

The following day, May 5, at dawn, we will contribute our own live stream of sunrise sounds to the 24 hour program curated by Reveil, from Neapoli.