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Radio Papesse
Florence, Italy

"Epiphany" won the Radio Papesse open call on the theme of the European "South".

Many thanks to this thoughtful organization curating beautiful collections of sound!

Epiphany is the winning piece of the Süden Radio open call for soundworks
click here to listen to all the shortlisted pieces

Epiphany is an excerpt from a 45 minute concert of boat horns in the port of Piraeus, played every year on the day of Epiphany - Theophania in Greek - celebrating the end of the season of dangerous seas.

Alyssa Moxley accesses narratives of identity, place, space and embodied experience through sound. She uses field recording, interviews and composition to create sonic interventions and environments that relate to networks of memory and knowledge distribution. Alyssa is currently based in Athens where she performs and organizes events. Her recent curatorial projects include the Kinisi Festival of Sound.

The reasons for the jury's choice
Epiphany has been selected as the winner of the Süden Radio open call for soundworks and it was not a simple choice.
We received dozens of amazing pieces, very different one from the other, we listened to them all and equally loved many [here the shortlist] but felt that Alyssa Moxley's piece is the one that better respond to the questions we raised in our call.
It is a soundscape, yet it is narrative; it brings the listener in the heart of the Mediterranean and to us it spoke of life and death, of hope and danger, of the past and the present.
It is a personal cartography, it is a reflection on the human, historical and social relationships built up around the Mediterranean Sea; it is an open window on a fragment of the Mediterranean sonic heritage beyond any cliché...
Enjoy the listening!