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Waveguide Radio & Spectral Switchboar<BR>Gary, Indiana, USA
to Jan 25

Waveguide Radio & Spectral Switchboar
Gary, Indiana, USA

Waveguide Radio Workshops & Spectral Switchboard WITH RADIUS FM

Waveguide Radio Workshops began in November 2014 with artists and residents who have a relationship to the community of Gary, facilitated by artists Austen Brown and Alyssa Moxley. Participants discussed radio and broadcast as an artform, hand built circuits based on Tetsuo Kogawa's model and created a series of spoken word and soundscapes relating to the city of Gary and communication. Field recordings created by the group, including Kelly Knaga and At Last At Last, Eveyln Bottando, Kaitlyn Stancy, John Mick, and Samuel A Love are integrated into a collaborative work broadcast from the Radius FM transmitter.

See audio and image documentation of the workshop here.

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